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Your Home Selling Cheat Sheet: A Stager's Perspective

Updated: May 12

If you are thinking about selling your home or currently in the process of selling, consider this quick list of things buyers look for that you might be missing:

1) Declutter. Than Declutter Some More.

You want your home to appear as big as it can possibly be! Oversized dressers, large beds and monstrous couches can take over the space in real estate pictures.

Day dream with me... what do you LOVE about home decorating magazines? You love the simplicity and the decor, right? You love the big empty countertops with a few key decorative pieces instead of reality-- that is mail, keys, kid toys, boxes and the stuff that really sits on your counters. You imagine what life WOULD be like if you had cleared counters, right?

You want to give a buyer that SAME feeling-- what it would be like to live in a streamlined, clean and spacious environment? The reality is, we sometimes can't remove a bed or dresser from our home. But consider, in each room, what's keeping the space from looking simplified and organized? Getting a storage unit for a month or two so you can remove a bunch of big pieces will make your home look much more spacious-- and it might pay off in the end at sale time!

2) Have Someone, Other Than You, Walk The Home Before Real Estate Pictures

When you live in the space, you don't see your home like everyone else. You might be an avid hunter, but walls full of animal head trophies may really turn off a buyer. That's all they see! Shoes under the bed, cable cords hanging all over, kid toys spread all over the floor, multiple pet beds--- They Don't Show Well!

Have a friend, neighbor or relative walk your home and see what they point out as a distraction. Sometimes we have one or 2 extra people walk a home because everyone sees things differently-- but all the feedback really helps!

3) Get a Quality Real Estate Photographer For Pictures of Your Home

Real Estate Photographer, Kelly Stark, in Fort Worth says, "Your camera cannot take comparative pictures with the same resolution, image size and crisp detail that buyers look for with your own cell phone. If a Realtor thinks cell phone pictures are an acceptable way to present your home to the public, you need a new realtor!"

The truth is, real estate photography is the first impression of your home. Over 90% of buyers find homes online FIRST before they start officially. Bad pictures can simply take your home out of the running on buyer's lists of "must-see" homes. Pixelated, blurry, close-up pictures of your furniture (instead of the room space) can make a buyer feel like your home may be smaller than it truly is. You'll end up hiring a photographer after your home sits on the market a few months, so skip the lag time and get a quality photographer.

4) Leave The Home Staging As It Was At Completion

I know, I know-- it seems pretty snooty when the home stager or decorator tells you not to move the final completion of a home staging project. BUT-- here's my plea. Your home stager has spent a lot of time outside of your stage in training, obtaining certifications, and hours and hours of professional courses completed to maximize the flow, space, lighting and decor in homes that emotionally connect with buyers. Home Staging is a Science-- and the stats prove this. After a home staging is completed, moving couches, pillows, flower arrangements, candles and more might actually be making an area look more cluttered, less spacious and less organized.

Home stagers work to make color palettes blend well, to give furniture and flow throughout the home and make sure the home looks as large and appealing as possible. As a home stager, my best tip is let it sell itself. Give it some time to work. If traffic is there, and no offers happen within a week or so--- then let's talk about moving the structure of the staging around. Until then.. let it ride!

If you need more assistance before you get your home prepped for a sale, we'd love to give you a few guidelines and assistance! Call or text Kim (817) 751-8446 or visit www.Staged360.com

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